Naina Acres

It all started in a small way, back in 2013 when our beloved Naina started to realize that farming is an essential element of our life. We are traditionally not a farming family. Naina served Indian Army for 36 Years and retired in Chennai. Post his retirement our family bank balance was utilized to buy a small piece of 3 Acres land in Theni District, Tamil Nadu. As years continued we started to realize the importance of farming and the benefits it started to yield for our life and existence. In 2016, We expanded in terms of the farm practices and understanding the essentials of traditional farming. Naina passed away in the year 2019 and has left behind us the vision of our life that he dreamed of for all of us around.

Today, Naina Acres is owned and maintained by  our Amma, Shmt.Muthumayil Kaliyamoorthy who has been running the vision of our beloved Naina. Over the years we bought small pieces of farm land located across southern Indian states, Kerala and Tamil- Nadu. Today, Our farms are in the certification process for “Organic” by control union certifications and complies to NPOP (Indian and EU equivalent).

At our farming, we follow ancient natural methods of farming practices, which has effective solutions for pest control and soil nutrition enrichment. We aim to build the most sustainable system of agriculture, and be self-dependent for agricultural inputs. All our pest controlling remedies are prepared inside our farming units with local inputs like cow manure, herbs etc. Vermi compost is used as manure and produced in the farming unit itself. Crop enrichment and soil enrichment is achieved by the application of traditional inputs such as Panchakavya and Jeevamrutha.

Apart from our own farms, Naina Acres is creating a cluster of farming groups to cater to our growing requirement of quality organic products. The farmers under the cluster of farms are aided with Organic Agriculture Know-How, Certification costs, periodical training and are supervised by our field supervisors regularly. Periodical soil tests, leaf tests are carried out to ensure that farming practices conform to our Organic standards.